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Excellent graphic design is not something that most new or small churches and ministries consider. Maybe you don’t consider the design of you church bulletins or your tracts to be important. I’d like to disagree. Graphic design is basically a way of communicating effectively through visuals. It involves using visual aids and text to communicate with an audience. If you believe that your message, which is ultimately the gospel of Christ, is important, then you should want to do your best to communicate it effectively.

Now God in NO way needs Christian churches and ministries to spend lots of money on slick design and branding to use us for His glory. Because God calls us to be holy, or separate, as He is holy, I do not believe that God wants us to look like the world in order to attract the lost; those who are seeking Christ should see Christ in us. I am urging you to look at the graphic design in your church as a way to reflect God’s perfection, love, and beauty. This means producing designs that are high quality, carefully edited, and edifying. It does not mean stooping to Satan’s level to entice the lost with things that excite the flesh, such as suggestive advertisements. (Yes, I’ve seen churches do that.)

With that said, I would like to encourage your church or ministry to produce quality graphic design work. On this website, I want to offer my experience as a graphic designer to for the benefit of your church or ministry. I will include free resources such as bulletin designs, how-to guides for producing tracts etc, advice on building a website, cheap printing resources, and articles with a Biblical perspective on the place of graphic design in the church.

I have been tremendously blessed to be able to serve my church through graphic design. I would love to share in the graphic design ministry at your church. If you would like to hire me for any projects, such as logo, tract or web design, please email me at If you have a question about a project you are working on or anything related to graphic design, shoot me an email. I’m always happy to help!


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