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Inexpensive Printing for Home Business


Having three home business running out of one house has shown me how quickly marketing costs add up! As a graphic designer, I am trying to be a good steward of my advertising budget, as well as my clients’.

There are tons of online printers available for the small business person.The crazy thing is that to get the best price, you have to cherry-pick services from different sites because no one print shop has the best price on everything.

With that said, I though you could benefit from my hours of research into finding the best possible prices online. I know I wrote about saving money on printing before, but there is always more to add and lower pricing to find!

Business Cards: Go for I buy 500 standard, glossy 1 sided business cards for 15.95, which makes each card 3 cents. I have had major issues with the color of my designs, but I have found that they are great with correcting the color. Upload yoru files as PNG instead of JPEG and you should be fine. The digital proof is what your card will look like, so check the color carefully.

Brochures: Use I am planning on purchasing 2000 brochures for $317.00, which makes them only 16 cents each. And that price includes shipping!!!

Banner Display: Try banner Their prices seem pretty average for banner printing but they offer quick turnaround and free shippign options. An 8 x 2 foot banner is 39.95.

Car Magnets: I love for car magnets. I got 2 matching 2 ft by 1 ft magnets for $30.00, free shipping, and 20% off my order for being a new customer.

Embroidery: It is more tricky to get quotes for embroidery because you need to email them your design and wait for a custom quote. I am using because they seem to have reasonable prices and good customer service.

Postcards: For postcards I will be using because I can get 1,000 4×6 inch postcards for 40 bucks, which makes them only 4 cents each.

Remember that these are the prices at the time of writing, and they do change. Check shipping costs and return policies before you buy!

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